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VJ Electronix (VJE), also division of the VJ Group, provides Rework and X-ray Inspection solutions for a variety of electronics requirements ranging from high- volume consumer products such as mobile phones, netbooks, set-top boxes and games to challenging aerospace, life-support, medical devices and automotive applications.

VJE integrates proven industrial X-ray expertise with advanced SRT automation and X-ray electronics inspection expertise. Our advanced imaging products specialize in providing test validation and quality control solutions for a variety of rework applications.

VJE X-ray inspection and Rework systems boost productivity and maximize production uptime. Technologies offered in BGA Rework systems include convection, conduction and infrared for maximum heat transfer for Rework applications as small as Micro passive 01005 to thermally challenging CCGA Rework.

VJE BGA Inspection systems utilize closed (sealed) and open X-ray tubes along with analog image intensifiers and digital detectors to identify and characterize defects like voids, shorts and opens using transmission and off-axis viewing capability.

In addition, VJ Group division VJ X-ray (VJX) also offers a line of exceptionally compact Integrated X-ray Source generators and stand-alone High Voltage Generators that are ideal for electronic component inspections.