Vision Statement

VJ Technologies digital radiography and computer tomography systems and services provide leading companies the capabilities to revolutionize the world while helping to ensure quality products that will make an impact in every individual's life.

V isionary

We are always looking ahead - embracing new technologies and new ways of thinking.

E ngaging

We engage with our partners, vendors, and customers to learn about their challenges and goals.

D ependable

Dependability is an internal focus in our relationships with customers, suppliers, and industries. We are here for you during the planning, implementation, and maintenance to ensure your equipment remains up-to-date and reliable as technology evolves.

A gile

We have been and will remain agile in our ability to handle and adapt to industrial demands during the evolution of disruptive technologies.

A Look through the Years

VJ Technologies Inc. (VJT) is a global leader in providing Digital Radiography and Computed Tomography x-ray inspection systems and solutions for a variety of industries ranging from aerospace and automotive to food and nuclear.

For over 35 years, VJT’s visionary and talented engineers have developed ground-breaking solutions in the field of non-destructive testing. Through VJT’s experience it has led to innovative decisions and more advanced capabilities than competitors in our standardized systems. Our imaging systems are used throughout the world for radioscopic inspection of products and assemblies to detect defects or foreign matter, reducing cost and time while increasing quality and safety.

VJT delivers a competitive advantage and superior customer service to companies through our network of global offices.

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