VJT's Digital X-ray Systems

Standard systems designed to optimize quality and throughput, along with easy to use software which allows for quick training and implementation.

Standard and Custom Digital X-ray Designs

Our success is defined by our understanding of our customer's processes and requirements.

VJ Technologies software, mechanical, and electrical engineers are focused on designing the market’s most functional digital X-ray systems. Our team focuses on optimizing customers’ experience by listening to their goals, concerns, and needs. We understand that our customers have timelines to adhere to and products to ensure.

ADR Software

VJ Technologies Automatic Defect Recognition (ADR) software in the automotive industry, and ADR software in the aerospace field enables faster throughput.

Our team of software engineers has developed an industry-leading software suite designed to optimize algorithms for the automatic call-out of the parts, limiting the number of false positives and reducing scrap. Our team has begun work on implementing this with machine learning, deep learning, and AI, as this will allow our customers to expedite the programming time of their systems with even greater accuracy.

Our DR Systems


Auto & EV Defense

The RIX (Rotary Indexing X-Ray) solution is a medium to high-volume X-ray inspection system designed to support a wide range of products in the aerospace and automotive industries.

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Medical Space exploration

The RIX (Rotary Indexing X-Ray) solution is a medium to high volume X-ray inspection system with standard and XL versions designed to support a wide range of parts that are excellent at. The RIX (Rotary Indexing X-Ray) s...

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XXL Dual Robot

Auto & EV Defense

The XXL DR (dual robot) digital x-ray system is equipped with two robots. Each robot is respectively holding a tube and detector, for extreme imaging flexibility on significant parts. This system is designed to handle a ...

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XXL Dual Robot C-Arm

Auto & EV Defense Electronics Food Space exploration

Large Scale Versatile Digital Radiography System Up to 225kV with Automated Defect Recognition (ADR) Ideal for Giga Castings & Large Aerospace Components

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