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XQuik with AccuCount Technology 制品

XQuik II with AccuCount


  • 快速、自动点料
  • 一键操作
    o 无需编程
    o 自动检测组件尺寸
  • >精度> 99%
  • 无需打开防静电/防潮袋
  • 可连接到MES进行无缝库存管控
  • 减少人力需求,提高库存准确度
  • 也可用于各种各样的检测任务。

VJ Electronix出品的XQuik II with AccuCount旨在减少电子元件的进货检验和循环计数所需的时间和人力。 只需将料盘放入X射线铅柜,并按下“COUNT”键即可完成操作,无需任何编程或设置。 该系统的专利技术可自动检测组件的尺寸并报出组件的总数量。 该XQuik II可连接到您的MES(制造企业系统)进行自动的库存更新。

可选配标签打印机和条形码读码器来进一步提高集成化。 可选配标签打印机和条形码读码器来进一步提高集成化。

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XQuik II Auto Load with AccuCount

First We Made It Easy… Now we Made It Faster!
XQuik II Auto Load provides automatic load and unload of reels offering a substantially faster part counting process. While scanning and counting of the reels take place, the operator is able to scan barcodes, apply labels and transfer reels providing a significant throughput increase. And, with automatic counting algorithms, no programming is required making the system easy to operate.
The system reduces time to return components to stock, and faster inventory turnover reduces costs and eliminates line down events.
Process either one 13 – 15 inch reel or up to four 7 inch reels at one time.


Key Applications:

• Automatically “counts” components as small as 01005
• Counts 7” to 15” reels
• One button operation
• Reduce cycle times
• Integrated barcode printing
• Connect to MES for seamless inventory control
• Substantially speed up part counting process
• >99% part count accuracy
• May also be used for electronics inspection

Download the XQuik II with Auto Load Product Sheet


XQuik with AccuCount Technology


• Automatically “counts” passives down to 01005 on 7″ reels
• Count components in reels or waffle packs
• No need to remove reel from anti-static moisture barrier bag for counting
• >99% part count accuracy
• May also be used for electronics inspection
• 9 x 9″ (228 x 228mm) Sample Size

Download the XQuik with AccuCount Product Sheet