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Vi3: Seamless Control of Your Workflow and Process

Vi3 is a proprietary, highly customizable and thoroughly robust software suite central to VJ Technologies’ offerings.

Vi3 is application driven and meets every known industry and internal standard to bring you a seamless user experience for:

  • Hardware Control
  • Image Enhancement and Analysis
  • Archiving
  • Image Acquisition
  • Reporting


Raw image of a circuit board

Advanced Defect Enhancement (ADE) filter





Vi3 provides fully configurable control of every aspect of your workflow process, from motion control and image acquisition
to analysis and archival. It seamlessly automates functions applied in R&D, production, or QA sampling environments.
VJT will work with you to design, develop and integrate Vi3 into an existing or completely new process and deliver a custom
solution to support 100% of your needs.


Designed for Extensibility


Designed for extensibility, Vi3 expands your hardware options since it interfaces easily with most industry-standard X-ray sources,
detectors and part manipulation devices.

The modular design of Vi3 allows options and functionality to be added with ease. Vi3 is highly secure due to its three levels of
password protected security.

Vi3 delivers ultimate flexibility by maintaining an open architecture that exposes numerous interfaces to a wide range of external
devices such as PLCs and database servers. It is also DICONDE-compliant to enable it to be deployed at an enterprise level over
multiple data-collection and review stations.

If processes ever change at your location, Vi3 can be tuned to modify workflow or processing logic. This substantially reduces, and
in some cases eliminates, the need to rewrite code. Part throughput can be maximized on a single system when tasks such as image
capture, operator inspection and/or ADR analysis are run synchronously.

All castings with reference radiographs displayed in VJT’s Vi3 software

More Parts. More Quality. Less Risk.


Sophisticated image processing routines such as Advanced Defect Enhancement (ADE), Automatic Defect Recognition (ADR) and
other modular capabilities are provided to automate the inspection process, maximizing throughput and quality. This capability
contributes to increased safety for your employees and mitigates risk for users of your products.

For more information on Vi3, See product sheet.