RIX-XXL – VJ Technologies



VJ Technologies, a leading global provider of customized X-ray inspection solutions, introduces the RIX-XXL “Dual Robot System”, covering more area with bigger angles and double the power.

With new technology and its innovative design, the RIX-XXL is engineered for a variety of industries, including Automotive, Aerospace, Power Generation, among others. The dual robot system utilizes two robots moving in coordinated motion, resulting in the ability to inspect large parts faster than ever before, with imaging as fast as 30 seconds (depending on the number of views) and increasing productivity by up to 80%.

The RIX-XXL is fully equipped with our own, VJ X-Ray’s IXS 2050 integrated x-ray source and our proprietary Vi3 Imaging Software Suite, complete with Advanced Defect Enhancement and Automatic Defect Recognition technology used for enhancing and evaluating post-processing imaging without operator intervention, while improving quality control.

A new inspection system feature, Dual Check Safety Zones, ensures that the robots move within a predefined zone which are created for the system and are placed around the machine for the robot’s reachable obstacles.

The latest in software provides a user-friendly interface with seamless operation, in addition to large beam angle suitable for a compact system design. The RIX-XXL is perfect for production environments in need of real-time imaging solutions for parts as large as 1.3m x 1.3meters.

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