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VJ Imaging Technologies Private Limited (VJIT)

VJ Imaging Technologies Private Limited (VJIT), Bangalore, India is a wholly owned subsidiary of VJ Technologies Inc., USA. VJIT was started in the year 2004 and since then have been providing x-ray solutions meeting NDT requirements of Indian customers. The facility houses offices, engineering, production, inspection services, and X-Ray system manufacturing.VJ Imaging Technologies, India provides high quality, cost effective solutions, and provides rapid service support from expert X-ray systems engineers. VJIT provides exceptional long-term support that is unequaled in the X-ray industry. The DR systems that we manufacture are completely customized based on Customer requirements and can be easily integrated in the manufacturing process to increase productivity and help our clients achieve quality and safety goals. Our core technology is with imaging and software. Vi3 is our proprietary software with capability for image acquisition, analysis, ADR (Automatic Defect Recognition), DR (Digital Radioscopy), and CT (Computed Tomography).VJIT, India has been a preferred choice for major OEMs in Automotive, Pipes and Tubes, Aerospace, Arms and Ammunitions, Medical, and Electronics.

With our experienced and qualified field service engineers, we take up challenging field service activities apart from the in-house inspection services.

Further expansion of VJIT based manufacturing is planned to better serve the needs of the local customers and improve lead times.

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Email: Sales: vjitsales@vjt.com Service: vjitservice@vjt.com
Phone: +91 80 27836025


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