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XQuik III Component Counter

The VJ Electronix XQIII is the fastest component counter available on the market with a cycle time of less than 10 seconds. Unique imaging technology provides the greatest count accuracy and reliability. The system’s advanced detection algorithms automatically recognize components without the need for cumbersome models, libraries, or cloud connection, making it quick and simple to use.

The XQuik’s flexible MES interface is easily configured to communicate with any inventory control system.  A built-in barcode reader eliminates extra manual scanning steps, saving time.  Automatic detection determines whether a single, or up to four small reels are loaded, and keeps track of reel location, eliminating the risk of operator error.


  • Internal automatic barcode reader
  • Reel location and size automatically detected
  • Automatic recognition of components
  • Automatic inventory updates to your MES
  • Scanning of (4) 7” reels simultaneously
  • Scanning of 13” or 15” reels
  • Scanning inside ESD bags
  • Industrial PC: Microsoft Windows 10



  • Cycle Time: <10 seconds for one large reel and (4) small reels (including automatic barcode scanning)
  • Count Accuracy: >99.8%
  • Minimum Component Size: 01005
  • Maximum Reel Diameter: 38 cm
  • Maximum Reel Height: 10 cm


  • System Dimensions: 1.0 x 1.1 x 2.3 m
  • System Weight: 1100 kg
  • Electrical Connection: 100-250 VAC