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Summit 2200i VJE

Summit 2200i Rework System

The VJ Electronix Summit 2200i Rework System is a high precision, fully automatic rework system designed for medium sized SMD assemblies. The 2200i is built with easy-to-use 1-2-3-GO software making operation simple and intuitive. Efficient convection heating provides high thermal throughput, uniformity, and a repeatable rework process. Fully motorized X, Y, Z, and theta axis allow for fully automated rework.

Automatic non-contact site scavenging safely removes residual solder, eliminating potential for damage to pads and solder mask. Proprietary software provides product traceability, profile analysis, and sharing of profiles between VJE systems.


Easy-To-Use Auto Profiling Software

  • User-friendly, simple thermal profile development
  • Default reflow profiles for standard rework processes
  • Advanced profile analysis software confirms successful profile development
  • Automatic reflow, remove, and replace profile created after development of Auto Profile

Simple Component-to-Site Alignment

  • Two-color LED optical alignment system allows for easy-to-see component to site alignment
  • Motorized and programmable X, Y, Z, and theta axis allows for fully automated rework
  • Automatic alignment through AI technology allows for alignment of components with no operator intervention required. Software automatically detects corners of component and site using fiducials, from this the pick locations (centerpoint) is determined automatically.

Repeatable Thermal Performance

  • Efficient Convection Heaters provide high thermal uniformity
  • Board conditioning (preheat) is temperature based via thermocouples

Automatic Non-Contact Site Scavenging

  • Dynamic Height Sensing (DHS) Scavenger maintains consistent scavenger tip to board gap safely removing residual solder
  • Programmable X,Y, and Z axis eliminates operator intervention
  • Nitrogen capability for consistent results without post scavenge cleaning

MES Interface

  • Track all operations performed on rework system from automatic event log
  • Reflow processes easily transferred between systems

Available Tooling for Any Surface Mount Component

  • Standard nozzles for conventional components
  • Special nozzles for unique components



  • Placement Capability: 0.0005” (12u) mean + 3σ
  • Maximum Board Size: 455 x 560mm (560 x 760mm optional)
  • Minimum Component Size: 01005
  • Maximum Field of View: 65mm Square (80mm square optional)
  • Thermocouple Jacks: 6 (16 optional)
  • Theta Motion: 360°
  • Top Heater: 1600W
  • Area Heater: 4000W (7800W optional)
  • Site Heater (optional): 1000W