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Large Board Preheater VJE

Large Board Preheater

VJ Electronix proudly offers the Large Board Preheater designed to preheat assemblies that require additional heat to compliment manual soldering and desoldering of SMT, Thru-hole and other applications reducing board stress.

The Large Board Preheater uses efficient  convection heating to heat a PCB ensuring better soldering, improved process control and increased productivity. When finished, air can continue  without heat to cool down the board.

The system is easy-to-use. Simply plug it in, turn it on, adjust the heat and it’s ready for work. 

Key Features and Benefits

  • Conditions boards in preparation for rework, saving time.
  • Real-time temperature monitoring regulates output temperature
  • Redundant feedback for added safety
  • Adjustable controls to set the required temperature up to 340˚C
  • Temperature ramps up quickly, maximizing productivity
  • Ability to handle large PCBs