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X-Ray System Configuration


HE Source 1*Source 2
kV Range9 MeV450 kV
Focal SpotAs small as 1.00mm0.4mm - 1.0mm
Spatial Resolution Achievable1 lp/mm, 20% MTD5 lp/mm, 10% MTF


*Transmission & Reflective Target Options Available
**More source options are available based on customer request



Size41 cm x 41 cm | 43 cm x 43 cm18" - 36"
Pixel Pitch127 μm | 154 μm80 μm, 200 μm, 400 μm

*More detector options are available based on customer request


Product Specifications

Rotation360 degree continuous
Object Rotate Stage X (left/right)Up to 1016mm travel across the X-ray axis
Object Rotate Stage Y (up/down)Up to 1270mm travel
Object Rotate Stage Z (magnification)Up to 863.6mm travel range
Object Rotate Stage T (tilt)Up to +/- 30 degrees tilt
Detector X (left/right)Up to 762mm travel
Minimum OD685.8mm
High Energy Source SDD4318mm
Low Energy Source SDD2209mm
Loading Height1143mm (crane assisted)



Imaging Specs

Voxel Size0.6mm based on object/geometry
Sample Envelope Size*Up to 915mm diameter x 915mm height



Concrete Vault

Inside Dimensions
Length31' / 9448.8mm
Width23' / 7010.4mm
Height14' / 4267.2mm


*More vault options are available based on customer request
 Dimensions are estimates, subject to change based on system specifications



Image Acquisition Vi3 Image Acquisition Software, stop-n-go and fly-by modes
DR Image AnalysisVi3 Image Analysis Software, ADETM
CT ReconstructionVi3 CT Reconstruction, Fraunhofer VOLEX
CT Reconstruction Modes:  Fan Beam / Cone Beam, Axial CT, Helical CT
Range Extension CT (like Tiled, Translate, Rotate)
CT Artifact CorrectionScatter, Beam Hardening, Ring Artifact, Multi Material (IAR)
CT Analysis & VisualizationVi3 CT Slice Viewer Software, Volume Graphics
Additional CT OptionsFull support for other third party packages like: Thermo Scientific Avizo, Lucid, et. al



Imaging StandardsFully compliant with ASTM E1695, E1814, E2002, E1165, E2737, E2597
and DICONDE standards
Inspection StandardsOur system is fully compliant with NADCAP AS900 Inspection Systems and processes
Shield / Standards21 CFR 1020.40 FDA
Electrical / Mechanical StandardsNFPA 79 Compliance with UL Listed Electrical Box