Standard STW System – VJ Technologies

Standard STW System VJT

VJT’s standard straight tube weld (STW) inspection system is designed for production environments to provide multiple shots per weld as required by code. With a programmable manipulator and imaging solution, the STW system can handle multiple pipe diameters and thicknesses without any changes, ideal for any pipe manufacturer. Combined with VJT’s Vi3 software suite, code compliance and quality assurance has never been easier.

  • System Designed for Production Environments to Provide Multiple Shots per Weld as Required by Code
  • System Handles Multiple Pipe Diameters and Thicknesses Without Any Changes
  • Programmable Manipulator and Imaging Solution
  • Easy Code Compliance and Quality Assurance with the Vi3 Software Suite


  • Tube Welds

Will meet all current ASME and ISO digital weld inspection requirements

Automated IQI insert platform (for QC monitoring of image sensitivity)