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VJ Group’s Covid-19 Response VJ Group

Dear Valued Customers, Suppliers and Partners,


The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unexpected shock for all of us. During difficult and trying times like these, communication with our customers, suppliers, and partners is absolutely crucial. We are fortunate thus far to have been able to continue to operate in this environment and are happy to be in a position to continue to support our customers. The well-being of our people, our customers, our suppliers, and our partners is our top priority.

We have prepared our locations globally to respond quickly to any emerging situation, leveraging the considerable insights we’ve gained from our experience in China. Our China operations are back online, and our global presence will help to ensure that we will have support available for our customers around the world, regardless of what’s happening at any specific location. To that end, all locations are following local and national government mandates within the states and countries where we operate. We are:

  1. Conversing daily on a local and global basis to manage supply and demand for our customers
  2. Engaging with all our critical suppliers to track the availability of raw materials; and
  3. Coordinating with all our global manufacturing plants as the situation develops to ensure redundant manufacturing capacity and supply chain flexibility

At this time, our teams have indicated there are no known issues with our ability to meet the demand of our current orders. Additionally, based on current information, we do not anticipate any interruption in our continuity of supply in the near term. Our manufacturing facilities are open, and we are fortunate to have manufacturing capacity in many different countries around the world able to serve customers across regions. This diverse production base is an asset to our customers as we address any potential impacts resulting from the COVID-19 Coronavirus together.

As you are aware, the situation on the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus is very fluid, and we are keeping our organization in a proactive posture until the situation stabilizes globally. Although we cannot guarantee disruptions will not occur, we can assure you that if there is a change in our ability to supply our customers, we will promptly contact the affected customers. Additionally, we will work with the affected customers to try to mitigate any adverse effects of the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Thank you for your business and your consideration in this matter.




Vijay Alreja

President, VJ Group

PS: If you are developing items for response to the Covid-19 pandemic and need x-ray or CT services, we are offering reduced prices and priority lab-time at any of our labs located around the world.