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合作创新 智造未来


Thank you to those who attended our event and to our partners at WPI and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. We had an excellent turn-out in Suzhou and hope to see everyone again at our next event in the future.


Please browse the photos, presentations and videos below. If you need any additional information on the event or any of our products or services, visit or email us at .

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Presentation Downloads:

WPI Diran Apelian Metal Casting in the 21st Century – Emerging Trends and Challenges

SJTU Baode Sun Metal Casting Process – Merging with Artificial Intelligence

VJT Vijay Alreja – In-situ and Field Application of Digital Radiography and Computed Tomography

Innvolution Gaurav Agarwal – IITPL Cath Lab

Zhongtian Weiren You – High Performance Aluminum Alloy for UHV Power Grid

Caresoft – David Zhang – HE Scan to Obtain CADData on a Car

SJTU – Yang Zhou – Sythesis and Properties of Aligned Plate Intermetallic Nanostructures in Ni-based Alloys

HEITEC-PTS – Christian Abt – Fast Inline DR and CT Solutions for Rough Enviroment in Light Metal Industry

VolumeGraphics – Dennis Maier – Better Products with CT Inspections

SJTU Min Li – Enhanced Properties of Aluminum Graphene Composite Material

VJT – Sebastian Fernandes – Digital Radiography – The New Horizon

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