RIX (Rotary Indexing X-Ray)

The RIX, formerly known as the Lazy Susan, is VJT’s latest innovative product, robust enough to handle high-volume production of multiple parts with ease.

With its economical footprint and unique manipulator system, the RIX is designed for production environments with real-time and near real-time imaging solutions. The rotary table design allows for simultaneous load/unload of parts while parts are being inspected, increasing efficiency metrics across the board, all in an economically sized cabinet. Combined with ADR and Vi3’s powerful imaging suite and archival capabilities, the RIX is the next generation of quality control for casting manufacturers.


  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Munitions
  • Electronics


ADR with individual part tracking gives you complete control of the inspection process

Vi3 Image Processing captures defects using ADE filter

Simultaneous load and unload for increased throughput

5-axis of motion provides for complete coverage of the part

Download the VJT RIX Product Sheet